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Don’t Drink Plain Water Enough? Try Bragulat’s Sugar-Free & Vegan Sachets

sachets for water

Many people try to avoid drinking water even after knowing that sufficient water intake is necessary for overall health and glowing skin. When asked, they often say that they don’t like the bland taste of water. The same goes for many kids. Well, here is the good news. Bragulat offers flavoring sachets for water to enhance the water taste instantly without any hard work that you need to go through while preparing any traditional drink, juice, or any other beverage to increase the water intake throughout the day.

Don’t worry about the added sugar or sweeteners that regular flavoring sachets have.

Bragulat’s plant-based delicious flavoring sachets are Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, and Vegan and contain Dehydrated Natural Fruit, Vitamins, Low Calories, and Zero Fat.

You will find Bragulat’s sachets for water in a large variety of exotic flavors and all of them contain VITAMIN C. Meaning, one water flavoring sachet from Bragulat is everything that you and your kids need to stay hydrated all day while treating your taste buds every time you drink water. 

The best part is that you can also use these sachets while preparing desserts and even ice-creams.

Make Drinking Water Fun This Summer with Bragulat’s Sachets for Water!

As summers come, our body’s need for water increases as it needs to cool down through sweating naturally. When we sweat a lot but don’t drink enough water to replenish our bodies, it ultimately leads to dehydration. Besides, less water content in our body can also lead to a variety of ailments. Thus, as your surrounding environment gets hotter and you start sweating more, you need to increase the intake of water throughout the day.

In case you work outside and do heavy activities that make your body work hard, you will need additional water to replace the fluids that your body loses while working. Apart from this, your body needs more water when you are suffering from certain illnesses that can dehydrate your body, when you are pregnant, or while you are breastfeeding.

When you drink water in sufficient amounts, it helps:

  • Increase the performance of your muscles
  • Speed up your brain functioning and lift the mood
  • Prevent possible headaches, constipation, and hangovers
  • Regulate internal body temperature
  • Make your skin plump and more youthful
  • Flush out toxins from the kidney
  • Fight bad breath that you develop throughout the day
  • Lubricate and cushion your joints
  • Remove waste through urine and sweating

We understand that knowing all these benefits is not enough for most of us to drink plenty of water. It’s because our hearts want just what they want. We don’t like to do things that don’t give us any pleasure. However, when our health is at stake, we should find interesting ways to increase the intake of water.

One of the healthiest ways to increase the amount of water that you and your kids drink is to flavor the water with Bragulat’s sachets as they are sugar-free, plant-based, and contain dehydrated natural fruit along with vitamins.

So, shop for Bragulat’s sachets for water now.