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How to Add Flavorings to Water as Part of a Balanced Diet


The human body needs water to be hydrated and to maintain proper bodily functions. But often drinking plain water can become boring, leading us to go for sugary beverages that are bad for our health. Happily, Bragulat Instant fruit drinks with real fruit extract are a natural method to flavor water while still keeping it healthy. In this blog post, we will cover how to add “ flavorings for water ” with instant fruit drinks as part of a healthy diet.

How to Flavor Your Water with Instant Fruit Drinks?

The best method to flavor your water without adding any unhealthy sugars is with Bragulat instant fruit drinks. You can select a flavor that appeals to you from a range of flavors offered by these drinks. They are a great supplement to a balanced diet because they are low in calories and include natural fruit extracts. You must follow the steps given below to make a 1.5 or 2-liter drink.

1. Choose a Flavor

Selecting the flavor of your drink is the first step. You can choose a flavor you like because Bragulat offers various flavors including strawberry, cola, tangerine, banana, apple, coconut, green tea, and blueberry.

2.Preparing Water

Preparing your water is the next step. Depending on your preference, either tap water or bottled water can be used. Make sure the water has been filtered to get rid of any pollutants if you’re using tap water.

3. Add a Burst of Flavor

It is now time to add Bragulat instant fruit drink to the water that you have just prepared. Observe the directions on the package. A 1.5 or 2-liter drink usually requires one or two tablespoons of instant fruit drink.

4. Mix It Up

Mix thoroughly to ensure good dissolution after adding the Bragulat instant fruit drink. To mix the drink, use a shaker bottle or a spoon. You can enjoy your flavored water when the instant fruit drink completely dissolves.

5.    Storing Your Flavored Water

If you won’t finish the full drink at once, you can keep it in your refrigerator. To avoid contamination, be careful to cover the container. You should drink the flavored water within a day or two.


A great approach for staying hydrated and maintaining a balanced diet is to add “ saborizantes para la agua ” with instant fruit drinks. They are an excellent substitute for sugary drinks because they are created with natural fruit extracts and have no added sugar. You can prepare a 1.5 or 2-liter drink that is low in calories and suitable for vegans by following the steps given in this blog article. So, the next time you’re thirsty, pour yourself a glass of flavored water mixed with Bragulat instant fruit drink and enjoy a tasty and nutritious drink.