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Should I Give Fruit Drinks To My Children?

Everyone should eat at least a bowl of fruits in a day for complete nutrition. This gives energy and strengthens the body parts. But, children are picky. They neither like vegetables nor fruits. Thus, they lack nutrition in the body and suffer from different health issues. And the parents have to suffer because of the same. 

People give different pieces of advice to parents to make their children eat fruits. But, unfortunately, most of the advice fails. 

We know what you go through as parents. So, we recommend giving your children fruit drinks with vitamins and other nutrients. The drinks will complete your children’s nutrition requirements on the go. 

Are you doubtful about the fruit drinks?

It’s not just you, but many parents hesitate to give fruit drinks to their children thinking they contain sugar and artificial ingredients. They also feel that some drinks are caffeinated and poorer than soda drinks. And because of this, they fear calorie increase in their children. 

We don’t say that you are wrong. There are fruit drinks in the market that are adulterated. They contain the wrong ingredients and harmful colors to give the look of fruits.

If you buy Bragulat’s fruit drinks, you will have no complaints. Whichever fruit your children love, you will find fruit drinks of that flavor with us. Our fruit drinks with vitamins A, C, and E have no sugar and are vegan-friendly. Most importantly, the calorie level is very low in our fruit drinks. Other than this, they are prepared with real fruits and no artificial agents are used.

What fruit drinks and how much should you give to your children?

Each fruit has a unique profile with nutritional benefits that boost different vitamins and minerals. But, according to us, you should choose citrus fruits for Vitamin C, apples for Vitamin A, and bananas for potassium. You can opt for a multivitamin fruit drink. 

Compared to 1 large bowl of fruit, you should give a full glass of fruit drink to your children. This will fulfill the daily fruit requirement of your children and there will be no need for extra fruit intake. 

If children want more, you can give them because there are no side effects associated with them. 

When should you introduce fruit drinks to your children?

You can introduce fruit drinks to your children when they are 6 months old. As babies have small stomach capacities, they require a wealth of calories and nutrients to grow and thrive. Juice drinks will fill the babies up without providing them with things they need from breast milk or formula. 

For one to three years of children, about 4 ounces of fruit drink is recommended and for four to five years children, 4 to 6 ounces of fruit drink is recommended in a day. Rest, you should check the package of the fruit drinks. 

What should you know before buying fruit drinks for your children?

You should determine the capacity and fruit preference of your children. Also, you should prefer a reputable brand, like Bragulat, and read the ingredients present in the fruit drinks.